HGN ( formally the GAI Project ) is a gay and bisexual men’s health service with a committment to providing a non-judgemental and confidential service.
We provide a wide range of free condoms and lube, one to one support on a whole range of issues and act as a reporting point for homophobic crime.

You can also pick up condom packs for the local gay venues or from the outreach teams, which are regularly at these venues.

  • Aims
    To reduce transmission of HIV and other STIs amongst gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men in Nottingham and promote the physical and mental well being of this community.
  • Objectives
    To inform men about HIV/STI transmission risks and prevention strategies, using clear and culturally appropriate information and imagery.

To enable men to exercise choice and control in their sexual relationships.

To ensure that condoms and lubricant are easily available for those men who choose to use them.

To raise awareness of local sexual health services, including facilities for HIV testing and Hepatitis B vaccination.

To offer one to one support to men experiencing difficulties associated with their sexuality and sexual relationships.

To offer supportive group environments for sections of the community with specific needs.

To liase with other local LGB organisations and promote community development.

To actively work towards the promotion of community safety and the reporting of homophobic crime.

To liase with statutory and voluntary agencies that have a health or welfare role to ensure that they are accessible to and aware of the needs of the community, and to offer training to this end where appropriate.

To refer clients to appropriate gay-friendly services when their needs are outside our remit and to support them in the referral process where necessary.

To actively include all men who have sex with men in our objectives, taking into account HIV status, age, sexual identity, ethnicity, ability, religion or class.

To actively challenge homophobia, heterosexism and other oppressive attitudes and behaviours.

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