Healthy Gay Nottingham are looking to offer a new Volunteer Programme starting in the Autumn. Come in and see us at our Saturday drop-in, 10am till 2.00pm: come in and see what we are all about; what we as a service offer; the kind of volunteer job roles on offer. You choose the level of your involvement. Later in the Autumn we will be organising chats/informal interviews, followed by a couple of Induction sessions. Training is provided and any reasonable travel expenses incurred during volunteering will be re-imbersed. Call us for any extra information or come along to our open day. Check Website for further updates. If you miss the open day, don’t worry; still get in touch with us to arrange an informal chat.

G.M.F.A. Free National Courses

The next GMFA course in Nottingham run by HGN is “The  Sex Course”.

 “The Sex Course” is being held on Saturday 20th November 10am-5pm

The Sex Course is a one day course where you will find out how your mouth, your cock and balls and your arse work. Unprotected anal sex is the major route of transmission amongst gay men, and many men have concerns about how risky oral sex is. The course includes hints and tips on making sex both safer and more enjoyable and will help you to explore what you want from your sex life in a non-threatening, non-judgemental and fun space.


 A warning from Nottinghamshire Police:

Due to a number of complaints and acts of anti-social behaviour and littering, there has been an increased presence of police at Colwick Park.
As a result of operations they have identified a number of individuals who may pose a risk to regular users of this site.
Police are actively engaging with this issue and may NOT BE IN UNIFORM during these operations.
Police reassure us that there will be no form of entrapment but will make arrests under existing laws.
Please report any concerns or information to either the police or Healthy Gay Nottingham.

WARNING: Public Toilet Sex (cottaging)

Please be aware that there are concerns raised with regards to cottaging activities at city centre locations. Following a number of complaints these locations are being monitored by Police and Security staff. Action WILL be taken in cases that breach current laws.

WARNING: Cruising grounds and dogging sites, complaints.

There will also be an increased Police and Local Authority presence from August, in the following areas due to public complaints about inappropriate behaviour:

Rigg Lane Blidworth
Haywood Oaks Blidworth
Blidworth Woods
Nomanshill Wood

 Older Men’s Group

Sadly March 20th saw the last meeting of OMG. We have had to cancel this group due to regular low or no attendance. OMG has been running for many years, starting out as a bereavement group. If you still want to meet up, we suggest coming along to HGN’s drop in every Saturday between 10am – 2pm.


New clinic Every FIRST Monday of the month 5pm – 7pm, a ONE-STOP-SHOP where you can receive FREE alternative therapies like:

Reiki and Auricular acupuncture, or get tested for Sexually Transmitted Infections. Contact us for an appointment.

Every Monday, by appointment only, FREE: Sexual Health Screening for gay and bisexual men only


Reiki is now available on an appointment basis with a Qualified Reiki Master. Sessions at HGN last approximately 45 minutes and can have the following benefits:

  • Reiki helps us to cope with physical illness, depression, stress, anxiety and tension
    • Reiki can re-energise a tired body and mind, and helps us to feel refreshed
    • It can address minor aches and pains, migraines, shoulder, neck and back problems
    • Reiki encourages us to maintain a balance in our lives by providing us with the opportunity to take time out for ourselves and to relax
    • Reiki can help you to deal with personal problems (relationships, family, work, grief) with a clearer mind
    • It provides you with something to look forward to as an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life

Auricular acupuncture: (That’s small pricks in your ear).

Auricular acupuncture is a holistic balancing treatment originating from China.  It focuses on 5 specific points in each ear, which when stimulated by acupuncture needles will rebalance and stimulate those feel-good chemicals in the brain and restore a sense of harmony to your body and mind.  This form of acupuncture is particularly useful in temporarily alleviating some of the symptoms associated with addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma, and those post-party blues.

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