HIV testing is provided at The Health Shop and provides us with the opportunity to discuss, in detail, clients’ concerns about the risk of HIV transmission. This service offers choice to clients about where and when they test; the objective being to reduce the incidence of undiagnosed HIV, ensure early access to treatment and limit further transmission.

We provide a same day testing service 1 day a week.Many of our clients requesting testing are often misinformed about HIV and we can provide advice, education and information about risk activity, so allowing them to make more informed choices.

Prior to testing, an assessment is made of risk and last exposure, allowing for the 12-week window period. A test takes place following a pre-test discussion as outlined in our HIV testing guidelines. A negative test result will be given 1 week later ( or on the same day in the case of our same day testing service ), along with the opportunity to reinforce issues relating to unprotected sex and risk activity. Clients who test positive for HIV will be reffered to the specialist services at the Dept. of GUM for repeat testing and other related blood tests along with a general medical check up. Although the treatment and care of HIV positive clients will then remain within the specialist service, clients are free to access The Health Shop for continued support whenever they feel the need.We also offer an HIV testing service in our Outreach Clinics along with the Hepatitis vaccination service.
We have a full range of information about HIV/AIDS and can provide up to date advice and information about services, both locally and nationally.

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